Wednesday, May 8, 2013

gem on Lopez Island, San Juans

A fabulous weekend on Lopez Island, incredible friends, incredible food.  It was the Tour of Lopez, many bikes and families walking on the ferry at Anacortes.  I of course am the sag wagon and planned the feasting throughout the weekend.

It all began with a dessert, a lemony cream dessert called lemon posset, served in mini lions head
ramekins.   I remove the possets and tucked them, at the last minute, in my metro market bag, with a loaf of Bakery Nouveau's parmesan garlic focaccia.   Half of the  leftover focaccia for toast in the morning and it's makes an incredible grilled cheese sandwich.  Normally, I use the leftover focaccia to make turkey burgers by toasting the focaccia and slathering tarragon mustard and gruyere cheese, yummy.

In search of the local produce, I drove to Horsedrawn farms.  Too early in the season, the only purchase I made was a pound of  rhubarb, which I made into a compote to serve with the lemon posset desserts.  I added some heirloom orange slices and POM cherry drink to the compote.  I love adding POM to sauces, vinaigrettes and to sip in the morning with breakfast.

Sweetwater shellfish on Lopez has the most fabulous oysters, clams and mussels, I decided to pick up the lemon pasta to pair with the shellfish.  I stopped by my favorite shop in Madison valley, Lavender Heart before I left Seattle.  Our last visit to Lopez, we cooked  the squid ink pasta with scallops, a  Jamie Oliver recipe.  It was sauteed with tons of garlic, Italian parsley, chili flakes, lemons and served with grilled scallops, yummy.  Picked up the lemon pasta and a bottle of the incredible lemon infused olive oil, flavored with lemon without all the acidity.  Steamed the clams with the olive oil, and re-created the Jamie Oliver recipe with lots of minced garlic, Italian parsley, capers, chili flakes for heat and a splash of vermouth.  Tossed with a little butter, and finished with a little salt and pepper, to die for.  Since the trip to Sweetwater is major highlight of our trip, we also started our meal with 2 dozen Hammersley oysters and a dozen tiny Kumamoto oysters on the half shell.  A little squeeze of lemon and hot sauce, so tasty.  All it needed was a little salad, arugula, heirloom oranges, Italian parsley, tarragon, dill, with a roasted lemon and orange vinaigrette.

A visit to Vita's in the heart of town, to check out their fabulous food and stellar wines.  They were busy baking, the smells were incredible.  Since we were dining on shellfish, I asked for suggestions for white wines; a Can Feixes Blanc Seleccio from 2011, nice and crisp and an Ipsum 2011, also very good and I would place in my wine cellar.  Of course, the red recommendations were fab also; 2009 Valpolicella classico superiore Ripasso and a Tuscan 2009 semifonte chianti.

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